• Veterans visit for spitfire cafe's third anniversary

    celebrated three years in business with WW2 Veterans
    at our veteran breakfast club which is held once a mouth.


  • Mr Ray Roberts who is 100 pop in for lunch.

    On Tuesday 13 Sep Mr Ray Roberts pop in to the spitfire cafe with is family.
    Mr Ray Roberts was born 24/10/1916
    Mr Ray Roberts was in the R.A.F and on july 1940 his plane caught fire and he had to bail out. He become a member of the Caterpillar Club on account of using his parachutes.


  • IMPS-Invicta Military Vehicle Preservation Society Welcome WW2 Veteran Albert Bennett.

    Mr Albert Bennett who is 102 years old pop in the spitfire cafe on Sunday 18th Sep 2016.
    Albert joined the R.A.F in 1941 working in India servicing Hurricanes and Dakotas before they flew off to Burma. Spitfire are a symbol of wartime victory but it was not only pilots who secured the planes place in history.


Veterans enjoy an old fashioned knees -up '' to mark Queen's birthday

The Spitfire Cafe was decked out with flags and Union Jacks on Sunday 1st May as guests enjoyed afternoon tea and good old knees up and sing song from Pearly King and Queen from Bermondsey and Camberwell.

  • Biggin Hill Breakfast Club Next meeting 21th JUNE 9.30am

    Alfie Davidson, ex Royal Signals, serving member of Her Majesty's Forces, asked me if we could have a Veteran's Breakfast Club at the spitfire cafe.
    They are all over the country and worldwide but as yet not in Biggin Hill.
    We both looked in to it and thought it would be an excellent idea.
    So once a mouth on the Tuesday24th May 9.30am
    We thought it would be good if ex-service members could wear their badges so we could identify them from civilian's they can sit together and banter.

  • UK Homes 4 Heroes, Together we can make a difference.

    Jimmy Jukes Mbe and
    Michelle Thorpe from UK Homes 4 Heroes pride & passion , will be there if you need any support or just need someone to listen .

  • Armed Forces Bikers Julia Stevenson,

    Julia Stevenson, Women's Royal Army Corps.
    Also can offer support an advice on civvy street.

Welcome to The Spitfire Cafe'

We would like our cafe' to represent and maintain the historical background of Biggin Hill and those who fought for our country.
We also help raise money for the Armed Forces Bikers who are a charity that support our Armed Forces,Veterans and their families .

V.E Day at the Spitfire cafe
Fundraising event to commemorate the 70th anniversary of V.E Day.

  • We are selling Spitfire Mugs
    And also T towels to
    Commemorate the
    Battle Of Britain.

  • Time For Tea

  • Spitfire Mints

    Now on sale.

  • Thank you Chris Evens for you time.

    Charming as always xx

  • Spitfire compass that was used in the Battle of Britain

  • We were young, we were fit and we were there

  • Burma 1942

154a Main Road Biggin Hill Kent TN16 3BA



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